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Become part of the more than 900 companies in 24 countries using iGEO and maximise your profits while optimising your business’s resources. Work with the software you deserve and improve the performance of all your company’s departments.

Save time and money by using the CRM of our pest control and environmental health software

Specialised CRM

Only by working with a software specialised in pest control and environmental health like iGEO and our CRM will you be able to manage your business processes

Automate processes and save time and money

You will see how your customer base’s work is optimised, as well as that of the contacts acquired through sales outreach.
Thanks to our software for pest control companies, you will take control over all contracts and their renewals. You will also monitor all operations performed, as well as the service certificates generated and sent. Thanks to this comprehensive management, you will manage new, additional services and visits. All this always comes with a series of reports, trend charts, situation diagnoses, data collections, and other documents where a great amount of information will be presented in the most precise way.
In order to optimise all sales outreach operations, a quote calculator will be available, which considers a completely customisable array of expenses (number of services, product costs, PPEs, machinery, vehicles, special working hours’ surcharge, etc.). In addition, you will work with a system that will allow you to carry out controlled follow-ups and convert the highest amount of sales in much less time than you ever imagined.

More than 900 pest control companies profit every day from working with iGEO, the sector's leading software

Digitising your business is the only way to reach the success you have always dreamed of. Trust the sector’s most specialised pest control software.
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Main features of iGEO, the pest control software



Gain agility and efficiency for your technicians

Increase your technicians’ productivity thanks to our system, which is very easy to use when filling in and sending service certificates. By working with the latest technology adapted to pest control, your technicians will only need to fill in the certificate on their mobile phone or tablet and collect the customer’s signature immediately afterwards. The document will be emailed with a single click.


All your customers will have access to their information in real time

Your customers may view their certificates, blueprints and control points (inspections), trend charts, used products, and dynamic heat maps, as well as sign documents digitally, and much more without you having to worry about it all. Remember that they will generate their own alerts, which you will manage at the office.


Use our Route Optimiser through Artificial Intelligence

iGEO is the only software for pest control companies where you will be able to generate technician’s routes through a Route Optimiser with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and obtain completely optimised weekly routes in a matter of seconds. It will take into consideration the customer’s visiting hours, the technician’s workday, whether the service was previously confirmed by the customer, and other parameters that you may set up. Save a lot of time in your technicians’ trips, fuel and service planning.

What do our clients say about us?


iGEO is constantly working on RDI and technology to make the lives of all the company’s employees easier.

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Now I can state that iGEO’s implementation in our company has been a success for all our employees.

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What differentiates us from our competitors?

What differentiates us from our competitors?

The questions you have always had, we answer them here

A software for pest control businesses is a tool that allows you to monitor all your company’s processes on the same platform, in real time and regardless of the device used.

Moreover, a pest control software offers an array of specialised features adapted to the sector’s needs.

The main advantage of working with iGEO is that it has been created exclusively for this sector. This will allow you to be 100 % adapted to the industry’s needs (documentation, reports, trend charts, optimised routes for your technicians, etc.). Moreover, all implemented functionalities are targeted at the sector’s real requirements. Working with a software created by a company that develops many types of programmes will prevent your business from growing, and, over time, you will see how your competitors have taken a giant stride forward.

For the pest control software to be complete and maximise the work time of all employees, it must contain three large sections linking office clerks, technicians, and customers.

However, these three sections must integrate features with the market’s latest technology.

Do not settle for basic features. Demand that the software features a tool to help you optimise your technicians’ routes, calculate in real time the profitability delivered to your customers considering all necessary expenses, and generate heat maps and customised, specialised reports according to your needs.

The difference resides in iGEO being completely independent of any of the sector’s companies. This trust built in the industry has led most businesses to work with us. When searching a pest control software, make sure that scalability is guaranteed; that is, if your company grows, the programme must be able to implement new functionalities adapted to your needs. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the safety of your data. Only those companies working with any of the three big clouds (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service, Azure de Microsoft) will be able to provide your business with the greatest security. Do not forget to ensure this when choosing a software!
iGEO consists of a team comprising more than 40 employees, which develops new functionalities each month, designs customised documentation for clients, and implements new technology (smart traps integrated in iGEO, route optimisation through Artificial Intelligence, heat maps, etc.) through our RDI department. After all, there is no software aimed at either big or small companies only, don’t let yourself be fooled. If the most powerful companies in the sector use iGEO, it is because it is the only software with the potential needed to meet all the real needs of the pest control industry. Choosing a management software means choosing your business’s engine. Who wants a powerless engine in their car? Nobody! We all want to grow, and the only way to do so is by working with the best. Our team will guide you all the way thanks to an implementation plan for you to take the ultimate step and start making your business more profitable.
That’s very simple: implementing the greatest amount of functionalities, so that companies working with us get the best pest control software. For that matter, our RDI department will develop new projects based on the latest technologies. The purpose of all these innovations is that hard work becomes simple, and to facilitate the job of all the employees of your company.
iGEO is not only a pest control software, but it means to be part of a group of companies working for the industry. Our CEO, Ángel Serrano, and other employees often participate in conventions and technical conferences of the sector, which denotes that we are immersed in all the innovations required by the industry, and that we even anticipate them so that our clients needn’t worry about them. Furthermore, iGEO is a brand recognised at an international level, which provides a quality assurance to all pest control companies working with iGEO. Moreover, you will be invited to attend all our webinars and masterclasses, where we introduce the industry’s news and explain how to manage all innovations in our app.