Drones: the solution to reach isolated locations

Drones are becoming useful, essential tools in multiple aspects of our daily lives. Currently, they are being successfully tested and greatly accepted in pest control.

Using drones in certain circumstances is more effective than human action, especially when they may not access some locations. This is the case of the Galápagos Islands, where some tests are being perform in order to employ this tool in the most efficient way when launching foggers to end a rat infestation harming the ecosystem.

The manageability of these air vehicles is key to access any location. Therefore, thanks to a drone fleet, you may reach a greater area to disinfect, disinsect, derat, or perform any other kind of service.

These may even carry 42-pound pellets and detonate biocides with great accuracy. This is due to the fact that they are flown using a control system operated by specialised technicians in a safe place.

Furthermore, after performing these services, these locations may be monitored in order to verify that the pest has been actually eliminated or that, at least, the expected results are being achieved.

New technologies are bursting into the sector, and we need to rely on them to be able to evolve, to become more efficient when performing services, and to offer everyone first-rate environmental health solutions. To remain up to date about the sector’s news, please check our blog.


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