ADDITIONAL MODULES – Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence




Obtain all data and statistics of your company

Analyse all the aspects of your business
to get the greatest profitability

Thanks to the Business Intelligence module, you will generate all kinds of reports and charts on sales, services, profitability, consumption, times, profits, and other relevant details of your company. This may be filtered according to different parameters, such as line of business, service, technician, customer, activity, etc.

The integration of the Business Intelligence module in iGEO will provide you with the freedom needed to obtain data and charts in order to analyse what happens around you and to detect strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you will optimise all the resources and processes of your business.

This module’s interactive dashboards are essential to analysing the course of the year and making predictions based on the parameters deemed necessary.


Business Intelligence in the pest control sector

The pest control and environmental health sector is growing faster and faster, which forces us to get the tools needed to manage all the information around us.

In that sense, we would like you to think for a moment if you are able to remember the exact figures of your sales, used products, service profitability, etc. Of course not, that’s impossible!

That’s why we have included this Business Intelligence module, so that you have all this information available through a series of interactive dashboards that will provide you with charts and reports on your company’s situation.