Legionella Monitoring




Specific module on Legionella monitoring

Handle your Legionella contracts, and save money on management, follow-ups, and documentation on water quality

Thanks to the Advanced Legionella Monitoring module, you will generate specific contracts for this line of business, fill in data collections and operations tables, create risk reports and the Legionella logbook, and plan and send sample collections to the lab.

When you receive test results from the lab, you may enter them on the specific section for that matter.

Furthermore, you will have the possibility to customise objects of analysis and their groups, as well as different types of Legionella operations. All this work complies with the corresponding regulations.

Legionella Monitoring

Advanced Legionella monitoring services
on the Customer Portal

On the Customer Portal, they may enter all the details of the tasks assigned to your customers, depending on the planned periodicity. Therefore, when filling in that information, it will be automatically transferred to the Legionella logbook.

On the Customer Portal itself, they will have access to the Legionella logbook to upload all the documents needed.