ALERT MANAGEMENT – Alerts on the Customer Portal

Alerts on the Customer Portal




Alerts on the Customer Portal

Perfect for city council tenders and in real time

Your customers will have the option to generate alerts for you on their Customer Portal. Afterwards, you will be the one to assess how to manage them.

You may manage these alerts and create work orders based on them, or, if you prefer, you can add them to services previously created.

On the other hand, you will also find internal alerts, so that your company’s departments can communicate swiftly. For instance, there are accounting or business alerts that will be truly useful in your daily work.


Alerts for city councils on the Customer Portal

As you know so well, in order to win a city council tender, it is essential that they may create different types of alerts in real time on their Customer Portal.

This is one of the main features offered by iGEO: real-time communication with each customer.

If you have contracts with city councils, it is critical that they may generate alerts, and that you have the option to create a service instantly to go and verify the situation.