ALERT MANAGEMENT – Automatic Alerts (Smart Traps)

Automatic Alerts (Smart Traps)




Automatic Alerts (Smart Traps)

iGEO has integrated smart traps generating real-time alerts

Technology is the only way forward these days. That’s why iGEO invests in developing new features with the most avant-garde innovations in the market.

In case you work with smart traps, you will be able to connect them to iGEO, so that an alert is created each time they detect movement or their temperature increases.

Thus, you will manage the alert and visit the customer’s premises to verify that all is in order.


iGEO, hand in hand with the sector's
state-of-the-art technology

As you know so well, it is very important for us that all our clients work in the most comfortable way and with the best technology in the market.

Therefore, we believe that incorporating this kind of features is the best way to move towards the sector’s professionalisation.

Only those companies integrating technology in their daily work will be able to continue on the right track. In iGEO, we know how important this is, that’s why our RDI department works tirelessly for you to profit from these advances.