CATALOGUE – Managing Purchases, Orders, and Returns

Managing Purchases, Orders, and Returns




Purchases, orders, and returns

Customise iGEO according to your needs
to manage purchases, orders, and returns
to any vendor

Make purchases and orders to the sector’s different vendors. 

To that end, you will get by default a series of vendors with which iGEO has a commercial agreement (Killgerm, Mylva, Ekommerce, and ProControl), and that make their catalogues available with all products, features, and official documents.

In addition, you may create profiles for the vendors with which you normally work, in order to make purchases and orders directly in iGEO.


Record the reception of each order

All orders may be received and stocked directly in any of the registered warehouses.

In case you need to generate a purchase note, you will be able to turn the order into an acquisition quickly and with a single click.

If needed, you will also have the possibility to carry out a partial or total return of the order.