CATALOGUE – Vehicles and Machinery

Vehicles and Machinery




Manage your company's vehicles
and machinery

Manage your vehicle fleet, as well as drivers and their sanctions

Add your company’s vehicles to have a comprehensive control over them: insurance policy’s expiration date, next vehicle inspection, or next check-up.
On each vehicle sheet, you may enter all those details and many others, such as purchase or rent-to-own information, technical data, etc.

Record all failures and check-ups of each vehicle, as well as their date and cost. You may also note the history of drivers and sanctions on the vehicle, so as to know who was driving it at any given time.


Machinery and other equipment

In iGEO, you will also have the option to record the remaining machinery owned by the company, such as thermonebulisers, technical tools, and, even, computer equipment.

The same as with vehicles, you will be able to note all inspections, calibrations, and check-ups performed on them.