CRM – Contracts





Create and manage all your contracts

Keep all your contracts, as well as their invoices and work orders, up to date

In iGEO, you will be able to manage all your contracts by line of business.  

All contracts will give you the option to generate an initial situation diagnosis, trend charts and reports ; to create an action plan and assessment reports ; and, of course, to manage and schedule all services, as well as the issue and collection of invoices. This is all a pest control company needs.

iGEO has truly interesting features to renew contracts, which will allow you to carry out a monthly follow-up. These include renewal letters, mass renewal of contracts, CPI increases, specific alerts, etc.


Commission management

In iGEO, you may create commissions within a contract, either manually or automatically. In addition, you will be able to set up a commission type per sales representative.

You will obtain a list will all commissions, paid and pending payment. These may be linked to a contract, sale, or even to an invoice payment.