CRM – Situation Diagnoses

Situation Diagnoses




Learn how to generate your pest control’s situation diagnoses with iGEO

Situation diagnoses

Fill in and customise the situation diagnosis by generating an action plan and calendar

Generate your situation diagnoses easily, where you may include all deficiencies and corrective measures of your customer’s premises and, even, take and add pictures, if needed.

The situation diagnosis complies with the EN 16636 European standard, and it is so complete that it will allow you to work under its provisions.

Based on a situation diagnosis, you may generate an action plan, along with its intervention calendar, where all services to be performed and, optionally, their execution dates will be shown.


Assessment reports

Upon a contract’s end, you will have the option to generate an assessment report for your customer. Based on it, you will be able to elucidate whether it is necessary to increase the amount of services upon renewal, or whether the pest control plan is being effective.

The assessment report, as well as the situation diagnosis and the action plan, will be available automatically on their Customer Portal.