CRM – Venues

Venues (service addresses)




Monitor service premises completely

Venues (service addresses) with their own data sheet

Create one or multiple venues (service addresses) for each of your customers.

On the sheet of each venue, you will be able to enter different details, such as the address and the dates and times authorised to perform services.

You may also enter all the contact people and premises’ areas, as well as upload blueprints as an image or as a Google Maps’ file.

All documentation will be centralised and organised. This will allow you to create quotes, sales, and contracts in a customised and quick way, and send them to each customer straight away.

CRM venues - Service addresses iGEO

Venues' blueprints and control points

Create blueprints and control points in each venue.
Create areas in each venue and assign control points to them so as to generate trend charts by area afterwards.

You may generate capture or consumption control points and indicate their safety and critical thresholds.