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Manage all your employee's information

Highest security in iGEO's access

Manage the profile and authorisations of all the employees of your company. Each of them will have their own login credentials, as well as their own profile features.

You will safely monitor their access, and you may indicate when they may use the application.

If you want your technicians to be completely independent, you may enable the authorisation for them to be able to create their own work route.

You will also have the option to define on their profiles their lines of business and their areas of work.

HR - Employees and technicians - iGEO

Technicians' complete profile - Trainings

Regarding applicator technicians, you will have the possibility to customise all their official certificates, which customers may view on their Customer Portals, if you want.

iGEO will alert you when a certificate needs to be renewed.

Furthermore, you will be in charge of linking each technician to a specific warehouse, so their stock is automatically updated./