PLANNING – Route Planning

Route Planning




Plan all your technicians' services
in the most efficient way thanks to AI

A planning to manage daily routes

Plan and check the services of each of your technicians in a quick, simple way.

You may plan your technicians’ routes manually or automatically through an Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will generate the most optimised ones in a matter of seconds.

TECHNOLOGY has arrived to the pest control sector. Leave spending so many hours planning routes manually behind.

Remember that iGEO is a Google partner, so we will allow you to view assigned routes directly on Google Maps and to make changes instantly and in real time. 

You will be able to assign events or tasks to the schedules of technicians or any other employees of the company.

Predefined, automatic routes

If you want to generate a predefined route including multiple fixed visits to different customers, iGEO will give you the possibility to create and schedule it automatically, so that it is repeated throughout the whole year.

Thus, you will be able to stop worrying about scheduling these visits to focus on structuring the remaining services.