PLANNING – Smart Routes

Smart Routes




Smart Routes

Thanks to the Route Optimiser with Artificial Intelligence, you will get the perfect route
in a matter of seconds

Improve your technicians’ planning thanks to smart routes.

Our smart route generator will allow you to optimise each of the routes assigned to your technicians. For that purpose, you will only need to filter different services, assign them to one of your employees, and click on the Route Optimiser.

Thus, and thanks to the Artificial Intelligence developed alongside Google, iGEO will consider different parameters, such as traffic at a given time, customer’s opening hours, technician’s workday, and other details that you may provide. In this way, you will obtain the most optimised route possible.


Manage all unforeseen events in a quick, efficient way

Even if a route is optimised, an unforeseen event may arise and alter it. However, that will no longer be a problem, since you will be able to view the trips of each technician on the map and schedule this alert in an optimal way.

Scheduling and planning technicians’ routes will no longer be a hindrance thanks to iGEO’s smart routes.