WAREHOUSE – Estimated Consumption

Estimated Consumption




Report of a product's estimated consumption

Know the amount and value of all the products used in a month

Calculate the total value of the products used in the services performed by technicians on a specific date range and depending on their type. Knowing how much product has been consumed in a month or in a customer, as well as its cost for the company, is more and more essential in order to make decisions. 

Thanks to this information, you may estimate more precisely some quotes or contracts. With the costs of technicians’ hours and other expenses, you can even calculate the minimum sales price of some quotes or contracts, as well as the maximum applicable discount.


Calculate the estimated consumption

Thanks to iGEO, calculating the estimated consumption is truly easy and may be done by applying the appropriate filters, such as customer, date, product type, etc.

iGEO also offers the possibility to generate an estimated stock report for a warehouse on a given date, which is very useful.