WAREHOUSE – Order Reception

Order Reception




Receive your orders in your warehouses

Manage the stock and traceability
of all your orders

Manage the reception of purchase orders placed to a vendor directly on iGEO. Afterwards, you will need to select the warehouse where the entry of material will be generated, so the stock is automatically updated.

If, by any chance, the purchase order does not arrive in full, you may record its partial reception with the products received; the rest will be noted once it gets to your warehouse.


Invoices and returns of orders placed
to vendors

Once the product is received, you may convert the order to a purchase with a single click.
You may attach the vendor’s invoice linked to the purchase and manage its payment with one or more receipts.

If needed, you will have the possibility to create an order’s return instantly and, if you want, you may manage it directly with the vendor, by attaching a collection note.