Suggestion of feature or improvement in iGEO


Please let us know here the feature or improvement you suggest that is implemented in iGEO. Even if we collect these suggestion requests in this way and not by phone, our methodology will still be the same.

All requests will be considered and assessed by our analysis and development department. If approved, they will be included in our roadmap and, when the moment comes, they will be available in iGEO.

The priority to develop these suggestions will depend on the following aspects:

  1. The number of companies making the same request.
  2. The usefulness for the industry and the rest of the businesses.
  3. Whether any of iGEO’s current features allows to achieve the same purpose.
  4. The clarity and thoroughness of the explanation. A great justification paves the way for a proper understanding and analysis.
Recuerde que si nos ha solicitado o nos solicita más sugerencias, balancear sus prioridades. No todo puede ser prioridad 10 (máxima prioridad)

Si es muy importante para tu empresa este desarrollo o sugerencia y te gustaría poder incluirlo dentro de las funcionalidades de iGEO siempre puedes decidir adelantar el desarrollo y saltarte nuestra hoja de ruta y colocar el desarrollo en las primeras posiciones. Por supuesto, esto tiene un coste adicional, que podemos entregarte para tu valoración.
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