Quote calculator

Quote calculator

In this post, we introduce iGEO’s new feature: the quote calculator. Thanks to it, you will be able to obtain quotes with the highest profitability possible, considering all expenses and costs that need to be added.

Quotes: our image’s spearhead

A vital component of any business is sales. And the cornerstone to achieve them are quotes, which, in turn, are part of our introduction to a customer.

Our way of managing and presenting them impacts directly on the image perceived by prospects about our company (professional, modern, versatile, etc.). Historically, basic, scarcely versatile methods have been used to generate quotes (Excel files with formulas, Word’s editable templates, paper forms, etc.), whose automatisation degree is practically non-existent.

However, for those companies that decided to work with iGEO, this change has meant leaving many archaic processes behind and taking a leap into a new digital era full of improvements, both qualitative and quantitative.

Which problems arise when preparing a quote?

In our sales outreach, we usually run into significant hindrances, such as the following:

  • Not all employees are prepared to create a quote in a trustworthy, safe way.
  • Amounts in a quote are usually approximate and aren’t always in accordance with the costs of the service offered.
  • We may even forget some of the expenses linked to the service.
  • We risk that quotes end up having a final cost below the service’s minimal cost.

To sum up, many quotes are drafted at a guess to a greater or lesser extent, without taking into account real variables. And that entails a risk.

What is the quote calculator?

iGEO’s quote calculator is an innovative feature that simplifies our work while maximising the quality of the company’s quotes. It allows the process to be representative and replicable by any employee in any environment.

The purpose is saving time and money, improving your reliability and obtaining a greater control over costs and profit margins.

How does the quote calculator help my business?

This new feature will have as a result many advantages as crucial as these:

  • Quick, safe, reliable process.
  • Risk reduction: quotes with a low profitability are removed.
  • Immediacy in quote generation.
  • Greater profitability: complete control over costs.
  • Ubiquity: regardless of your location and your device.
  • Usability: any employee may use it (managers, technicians, technical managers, etc.).
  • Prior setup: this leads to saving time when configuring the cost calculation of each article/service to use it as a baseline (cost per hour of a technician, product cost, material cost, etc.).
  • Greater effectiveness: processes involving documents (Excel, Word, etc.) spread out across different folders in your computer and not linked to each other are ruled out, which contributes to shortening procedures.
  • Improvement of the impact on prospects: a professional, technological, effective image is conveyed, which increases the percentage of ‘hot sales’.

How do I use the quote calculator?

Next, we will introduce and explain the calculator’s main features:

First, you may access the calculator in the ‘quote’ section, by clicking on the blue icon.



A general window will pop up containing an empty calculator containing the ‘amount by venue‘ section to be filled in.

Business calculator

There, you will find some parts to complete, such as ‘services‘, ‘vehicles‘, ‘materials with sales‘, and ‘other costs‘.

Business calculator 1

You may include all kinds of services needed. Thus, you will obtain all necessary information, as well as the subtotal amounts of each cost lines.

Business calculator 2

Within ‘services’, you will find a vast array of parameters to set up regarding their own costs, as well as other expenses linked to them, such as ‘product‘, ‘machinery‘, and ‘PPEs‘.

Other fields that may be set up in the ‘amount by venue’ section are those related to ‘vehicle‘.

Business calculator 2

You will also have the chance to set up other fields, such as ‘item sale‘.

Materials with sales

Furthermore, you will have the option to add ‘other costs‘ to your customer’s quote.

Other costs

On the second tab, you will also have access to more kinds of costs, like ‘one-time expenditure‘, which correspond to one-time device sales, or other types of costs.

One-time expenditure

Lastly, in iGEO’s settings (Settings > Business > Other parameters), you may assign parameters by default to different costs and profit margins. This will automatise the feature’s processes, contribute to saving time, and homogenise the settings for the calculator’s different users.

Other parameters

Now you know the advantages of iGEO’s quote calculator and how to use it. To remain up to date about the iGEO’s new features and innovations, please check our blog.