Signing documents on the Customer Portal

signing documents on the Customer Portal

Thanks to this new improvement in iGEO, now your customers will have the option to sign documents on the Customer Portal in a quick, direct, trustworthy way.

The documents that may be signed are the following:

-Service certificates
-Biocide use alerts

To enable this option, you will need to check the box ‘signable on Customer Portal’ in an existing work order, or when generating a quote or a contract.

Enabling this option in a contract
Enabling this option in a contract

Thus, when your customer logs in to their portal, they will see the sections ‘pending signature’ and ‘signed’ within the documents’ menu. If they go to the former, they will find quotes, contracts, certificates, and biocide use alerts to sign in a quick way with a single click.

Documents pending signature
After checking the box and clicking on the orange button, the document may be signed

If, instead of a quote or contract, you want a service certificate to be signed on the Customer Portal, you will need to enable the option that appears on the bottom of the document itself.

Service certificate

Therefore, when emailing any of these documents, we recommend letting your customer know that, in order to sign them, they need to access their Portal with the login credentials provided to them.