iGEO, Boston Dynamics and Pest Control Technology

iGEO and Spot, Boston Dynamics' inspection robot

In iGEO, we always strive to highlight (and profit from) the abilities and advantages delivered by technological progress to the pest control sector.

iGEO’s mission is to make the digitalisation of pest control and environmental health companies easier. Our software specialised in the sector arose from that need. After working with more than 900 companies spread across more than 26 countries, we keep focusing on the research on pest control technology to provide you with the sector’s latest innovations.

As a result of our continuous research on the technology applicable to the pest control and environmental health sector, the partnership between iGEO and Boston Dynamics, a benchmark company in robotics, emerged.

What is Boston Dynamics?

As we have mentioned before, Boston Dynamics is the reference company regarding innovation in robotics, and is specialised in the development of mobile robots able to operate in both natural and industrial environments with no limits, in order to help experts in their most complex tasks. Boston Dynamics’ development is translated into unique designs, such as Spot, capable of accessing fields unreachable to others.

What do we know about Spot?

Spot is a mobile robot specialised in performing industrial inspections and in collecting data safely in critical locations hard to be reached by humans. It presents a series of innovative abilities, such as the following:

  1. Visual inspection: it allows to collect detailed information during inspections thanks to its 360° zoom camera.
  2. Meter reading: it may read analogue meters of pressure, flux, temperature, etc., even at a distance, thanks to its 30x-zoom lens.
  3. Thermal sensor: it has the option to integrate a camera with thermal sensitivity to detect heat points on any kind of surface and environment.
  4. Leak detection: it allows to spot and detect water and steam leaks around industrial plants, and identifies machinery with a degraded performance.
  5. Laser scanning: it recreates surfaces and routes thanks to laser scanning in order to analyse data and to identify workplaces prior to performing a task.

Spot, Boston Dynamics' inspection robotPest control technology

How may I use Spot as a pest control technology?

Spot’s mission is to perform industrial inspections of all kinds in sectors such as construction, oil, mining, or public safety. However, in iGEO we have considered the possibility of introducing Spot as a work tool part of pest control’s technology.

That’s precisely the starting point of our conversations with Boston Dynamics. We presented the idea of using Spot in visual inspections in control-point monitoring processes. Its purpose is to generate maps for future visits through premises’ scanning and mapping, and to send them to our platform.

Afterwards, both office clerks and technicians will have access to those maps and to the monitoring operations performed, which will also be available on the Customer Portal.  Also, Spot may be fed with the information generated by iGEO, such as heat maps or trend charts, in order to perform specific actions.

In iGEO, in the capacity of technological partners in pest control, we want to share this information with our customers and other companies from the sector. Any further news will be published as our conversations with Boston Dynamics and our research progress. We keep working on improving and digitalising daily processes, as well as on innovating pest control technology.

Although it is far away and expensive for the time being, we hope that, in the near future, we can introduce Spot with total viability in some processes and daily tasks performed by companies in the pest control and environmental health sector. For now, Ángel Serrano (CEO) will deliver a talk in EXPOCIDA, where he will present a very interesting progress in this project. We invite you to attend: you will be truly impressed by the new pest control technologies to come.

Prototype of iGEO's Spot