The importance of working in one of the three big clouds

Currently, it is vital that your company works in one of the three big clouds (Google, Azure and AWS). It allows you to create and store data and documents in real time on any device and anywhere.

Both companies and individuals must gradually forget about working and storing information in a physical disk. Thus, we will avoid data thefts performed by simply copying and pasting to another hard drive. In addition, some encryption issues or damages, that may entail losing important information, won’t happen. Nowadays, we normally store our business data in the cloud, but we must know that traditional hosts aren’t as secure as the three clouds. Therefore, it is important to know where to store our information.

Advantages of the cloud

Next, we will present some of the most important advantages of being in the cloud.

Accessibility is granted at any moment and in real time. You may check your data anytime, no matter if you are at the office, at home, or anywhere else. With a single click, you will be able to access and download the documents you need to work. It will no longer be necessary to carry around laptops, hard drives, or tablets.

Free space in your devices. Since IT equipment was invented, its storage capacity has always been key. Now, working in the cloud allows you to stop worrying about freeing space in your hard disk and deleting files no longer used. All data will be stored there without it taking up space in your device’s memory.

Improve your system’s performance. Since information will not be stored in a traditional fashion, your computer, tablet, or device will have more capacity to start up and load smoothly all programmes and apps installed there. For instance, in case you need to edit a document, you may download it locally to your device and, once you are finished, upload it again to the cloud. Thus, the three big clouds currently play a key role in this matter, given they are more powerful than almost any other.

The price will be adapted to your needs. Many clouds have a free version that will accommodate perfectly to your personal needs, since it offers a storage space big enough for you to save your private files. In case the cloud is intended for work purposes, most businesses opt for a paid version. It is always advisable to choose one of the three big clouds; this is due to the fact that, were your application to require more power or space, or were you to need big data tools or Artificial Intelligence, they will be able to provide you with unlimited growth to fulfil your necessities. Therefore, it is crucial to know the cloud where your information will be stored and ensure that your company will be able to expand in order to accommodate their data or programmes.

Share it with whomever you need. The cloud will provide you with an immense versatility. So much so that you will be able to share information or documentation with your contacts and customers anytime.

These are the main advantages of working in the cloud. If you still have questions about its importance, we will also introduce several indicators (KPIs) on the direct return from which you will profit.

KPIs on the direct return of working in the cloud

The most important aspect to consider is the rewards your company will obtain by working in the cloud. In the end, the goal is to get the maximum profit; for that purpose, you will need to use the market’s most powerful software and/or platforms.

KPIs in the cloud
KPIs in the cloud

These will be the benefits of working in the cloud for your company:

  • Cost reduction in the IT department.

  • Scalability: markets are constantly changing. Therefore, companies need to be located in one of the three big clouds to be able to accommodate to any new goals and necessities that may arise. These changes tend to be periodically repeated for businesses. One instance of this is introducing new software products, which requires an important investment of work time. Therefore, working with the cloud will help you in this matter, since your specialised provider will adapt to it.

  • Business continuity: storing and securing all data in the cloud is essential to avoid breaches and unlawful access to them. Your company’s stability depends on having a platform backed by a high-quality security system, which is guaranteed by the three big clouds. Devoting time to system crashes, data losses, or any other kinds of issues leads to inactivity and, thus, to a decrease in the company’s productivity.

  • Efficient collaboration: having a direct, immediate connection to your software provider is vital. Working with a cloud vendor guarantees smaller time losses than having servers in your office, where network and compatibility issues always require many hours to be solved.

  • Work flexibility: we all know that the year 2020 entailed a radical change in many daily tasks of our lives. Obviously, the work sphere was truly impacted, too. Therefore, if your company needs to implement a fixed or partial remote-work system, you may want to hire a high-availability cloud, which will allow you to stop worrying about any issues derived from that situation. Any company user will have access to the files in the cloud anytime.

  • Automatic updates: all improvements and benefits granted by the three big clouds are directly incorporated to your services. You will no longer need to lose time to install and update your system. Google, Azure and AWS invest millions of dollars each month in order to improve their cloud services (security, functionality, availability, etc.), which is something other provides can’t achieve. Software products developed in one of these three clouds have constant access to multiple updates, which are implemented in their clients’ systems in a transparent, immediate way.

  • Real-time work: you will avoid the need to email documents to users or clients, which will prevent data privacy breaches. Since files will be permanently stored in the cloud, they will be able to access them easily.

Now you are aware of the importance of working in one of the three big clouds. To stay up to date about the sector’s news, please check our blog.


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